Ukrainian flags raised at civic buildings

Ukrainian flags have been raised at civic buildings in Daventry, Northampton and Towcester this week in solidarity with the country’s people.

Everyone will have watched as the horrific scenes unfolded in the world’s news during the past few days, as the Russian military invaded.

In a statement, Cllr Jonathan Nunn, Leader of West Northamptonshire Council said: “We continue to send a message of support to the people of Ukraine, for the horrific situation they find themselves in. 

“They have our sympathy and our support, but they also have our huge admiration for the brave way they are pulling together in the face of adversity.  

“We also know that there are a good number of people of Ukrainian descent living in and around West Northants, who will be watching the terrible events unfold in their native land, and who will likely have family members still in Ukraine facing danger. 

“They are part of the great community spirit in West Northamptonshire, a community that has a fantastic record of showing compassion to those from other nations who are subjected to this kind of terror.

“This is a truly dreadful situation for everyone concerned, but we want them to know the huge support that they have from us all, as we all now pull together and support as best we can.”

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