Man jailed after following young girl

A 46-year-old man has been handed a 12-week prison sentence for shouting abusive sexual comments towards a 14-year-old girl he had never met in Kettering.

William McEwing, of no fixed abode, began following the girl at 4.30pm on September 14, 2021, in Regent Street.

He then shouted abusive sexual comments at her and made other lecherous gestures, including licking his lips.

The girl told him to stop numerous times but he carried on for 15 minutes and she became so scared, she called 999.

Police officers arrested McEwing and he was subsequently charged with the public order offence of causing intentional harassment, alarm or distress.

At Northampton Magistrates’ Court he was found guilty and handed 12-weeks in prison.

Response Sergeant Ross MacDonald, said: Tackling violence against women and girls is a priority for Northamptonshire Police and that means making it clear that we no longer live in a world where it is acceptable to shout at women or girls on the street.

“Every woman and girl has the right to walk wherever she likes without fear and that means calling out behaviour like this early on and making it clear that it will not be accepted.

“I am really pleased that the girl in this case felt confident in the police’s ability to help her and I hope William McEwing uses his short stretch in prison to realise this kind of behaviour will not be tolerated and to come out of prison with a better attitude and a desire to make better choices.”

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