Experts outline top tips for good mental health and warn against miracle cures

Experts outline top tips for good mental health and warn against ‘miracle cures’

Leading experts have come up with a list of ways to stay mentally well

Avoiding illegal drugs and debt as well as “prioritising fun” were among some of the actions people can take to help stay mentally fit, according to the research compiled by the Mental Health Foundation.

Spending time in parks and gardens can help, as can “remaining curious for new experiences”, it found.

People can also help maintain their mental health by keeping physically fit and eating healthily, the research suggested.

The authors said the findings point to the “fundamentals of life that protect our mental health” and they attacked the concept of “miracle cures” billed to improve wellbeing which “take advantage of people’s vulnerability”.

Researchers from the Mental Health Foundation wanted to find the best “preventative self-management actions” – or healthy behaviours – people can engage in to help maintain good mental health.

They asked a team of 23 international experts to come up with a list of behaviours which can help people sustain good mental health.

The actions were then put to a group of almost 1,500 people who had lived with a mental health condition who voted on the “most appropriate” actions that people can take.

Published: by Radio NewsHub

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