Viking exhibition opens in Northampton

A new exhibition exploring Viking attitudes to life and death through 1,000-year-old artefacts and a replica boat dressed for a ship burial has opened in Northampton.

The Valhalla exhibition at Northampton Museum & Art Gallery displays significant artefacts from excavations in York, including a Viking-age skeleton that was unearthed in the city, displayed alongside a facial reconstruction.

Analysis conducted by human bone specialists at York Osteoarchaeology on the Viking-age remains found in York tells visitors more about the person – the life they led, what sort of activities they were involved in and whether they were rich or poor.

Sarah Maltby, Director of Attractions for The JORVIK Group, which is owned and operated by York Archaeological Trust told Embrace Radio: “The Valhalla exhibition allows visitors to understand how Vikings celebrated life at its end, from a collection of personal objects that were found with a Viking-age burial in York.”

“Osteological analysis can also give us clues about the lives these people once led. Depending on how much of the skeleton was preserved in the ground, this analysis can tell us the sex, age and height of a person and sometimes give us clues as to how that person may have died – whether from disease, injury or from natural causes.”

“Looking at this evidence, alongside artefacts found throughout the British Isles, helps tell a more accurate story of Viking Britain and our Viking ancestry.”

The exhibition opened yesterday and will remain on show until April 3rd 2022.

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