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Ryan isn't really a breakfast person, as is evidential from the fact that he isn't presenting the breakfast show. That said, he admits that if he's in the mood, a cooked breakfast can't be beaten.

Although he volunteers as a radio presenter and has recently bagged himself a new job, Ryan's first paid job was in a chain discount store as an assistant where he stayed for almost 9 years.

Ryan would like to think that he has a clean and tidy home but believes he's probably more of a messy type of person. Although, he hates vacuuming, as every vacuum cleaner he's tried is dreadful and just doesn't do the job well enough!

When it comes to sports, Ryan claims to be terrible at most of them. However, he thinks that cliff diving looks amazing but would probably sky dive instead.

Ryan spends a lot of his spare time socialising with his close circle of friends which includes fellow presenter Nick Galway.
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