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Gavin was first bitten by the broadcasting bug back in 2002, whilst assisting the IT department at his local college where he met long-term friend and fellow presenter Terry Turner.

Gavin took the bull by the horns in 2005 by setting up his own online radio station, which ran very successfully for 18 months and featured around 70 presenters.

Gavin has found a new lady in his life recently called Cherry. One of Gavin's close friends have described Cherry as 'famous', 'affordable', 'sporty', 'good looking' and 'very fast'. In fact, some say, she's had an affair with Top Gear's The Stig... All we know is, Cherry (Gavin's Citroen C2 Vehicle) does not lack the alloy wheels, like other models!

In his spare time, Gavin likes to turn gamer, and can usually be found in his 'man pad' on Grand Theft Auto. However, when Gavin's not gaming, he likes to socialise on Facebook and Skype with friends.

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