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Antonio Rudiger: Tottenham find ‘no evidence’ of racism by fans towards Chelsea defender

6 January 2020 National News

Tottenham says there is no evidence to support allegations of racism from its fans towards Chelsea’s Antonio Rudiger during their Premier League match last month, which Spurs lost 2-0.

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The defender was seen indicating he had faced abuse around the 63rd minute of the game on 22 December, imitating a monkey gesture, shortly after an incident with Heung-Min Son, which saw the Spurs winger receive a red card.

The incident at the Tottenham Hotspur stadium led to the Premier League’s anti-discrimination protocol being used for the first time, with three announcements made on the PA system warning supporters against racist chanting.

But the north London side say "after exhausting all avenues of investigation", both the club and the Metropolitan Police have found no evidence to support the allegation.

In a statement, Tottenham said: "We carried out extensive reviews of CCTV images and footage, working with professional lip readers.

"All materials and reports have now also been reviewed by the police who have carried out their own investigation.

"The police have notified us today that, having reviewed and investigated, they have closed the crime report as they can find no evidence to support the allegation of racial abuse.

"We fully support Antonio Rudiger with the action that he took – however there is no evidence to corroborate or contradict the allegation and as such neither ourselves nor the police are in a position to take any further action.

"We are fiercely proud of our anti-racism work and our zero tolerance of any form of discrimination. This is one reason why we have attributed so much time and resource to investigating this matter.

"Had we identified anyone guilty of this we were intent on issuing them with a lifetime ban from our stadium as they would have no place among our proud, diverse fan base.

"If any new information comes to light, this will be fully investigated".

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